Mega Coven Set

Mega Coven Set

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Here comes the most sassy of all witches! You might want to watch out. She's more of a do first, think later kinda gal if you cross her. So hurry up and get the set if you don't want to incur her wrath!

Mega Coven -  Scented in Witching Hour. It smells like freshly ground cinnamon bark, lemon, orange, and raspberry, and in complemented by herbal notes of bergamot, cannabis flower, jasmine, carnation, tuberose, hydrangea, calla lily, and rose, and it all rests upon an earthy base notes of sandalwood, black tea, ylang ylang, sheer musk, tonka bean, and oak moss and patchouli with a hint of baby powder and vanilla. A very mysterious scent for our favorite mysterious witch!

In this gift set, you will receive:

Soap: One (1) handcrafted five (5) ounce Badass Sheriff Chick soap. Made with skin loving oils such as Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Palm Oil, and Olive Oil. I personally can't go back to store bought bars after using this!

Foaming Sugar Scrub: One (1) four (4) ounce sugar scrub. This is both an exfoliate and a soap in one! Great for removing dead skin, or just having a nice relaxing clean feeling.

Body Mist Spray: One (1) two (2) ounce Spray. Perfect to put on before going out and about. A wonderfully moisturizing and alcohol free spray that you can use on your skin or hair!

Wax Melt: One (1) clamshell. Set the mood with these wonderfully scented wax melts. It comes with one clamshell, which has six cubes for amazing scent!

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