About Us

First, thank you for stopping by my little shop!

A little about myself. My name is Kevin and I grew up all up and down the west coast before moving to the east coast when I was 20. 

I’ve been into fandoms before I knew fandoms were a thing. I went to midnight book and movie releases of Harry Potter with my sister, even dressing up. This doesn’t even get into the anime I was obsessed with.

When I moved to the east coast in 2012, a friend took me to an anime convention. I just loved it there! I felt at home and with my type of people. I ended up vending at a different convention later that year. That is how A Kawaii Boutique was born. After a few years of selling textile crafts (plushies, scarves, etc). I branched into bath and body products. That type of crafting literally took over myself. I saw a need at cons for it, and what better way than to incorporate my love of fandoms than to make them into special lines.

When I got into supernatural in 2015, I went down the rabbit hole. This sparked my bath and body fandom business. Started with just Supernatural and then branched out to many different fandoms, and even more coming.

Since then I have been selling my crafts mainly at convention. After being told over and over again that I should make an online shop, I finally did. Been on etsy for a few years, but in 2020 I finally decided it was finally time to open my own site.

That brings us up to date. Hopefully you enjoy the favorite fandoms that I create here at A Kawaii Boutique. Thank you for visiting and remember, stay kawaii!