What is your soap made from?

All our soaps are made from coconut oil, sweet almond oil, sustainable palm oil, olive oil, white kaolin clay, sodium hydroxide (lye), mica colorants and fragrance (or essential) oils. Sometimes we have embeds that are made out of vegetable based and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) free glycerin base.

 Oh my goodness, lye?! Isn’t that dangerous? Will it burn my skin?

Sodium hydroxide (lye) can be dangerous to use, but it’s 110% needed to make soap happen. To make soap you need your oils (and/or butters) and combine them with the lye. There is a chemical reaction that makes the soap, this is called saponification. Now when all this chemical reacting is done and all cured, no lye remains in the soap. It is perfectly safe to use!

Are your products test on animals?

None of our products are tested on animals. We test only on willing humans, like myself or other beta testers.
We also try our very best to not buy any ingredients from companies that test on animals. If we find out any of our items came from a company that willing tests on animals, we will discontinue them and disclose that ASAP.

Can I have you reserve some items for me?

Sadly, we cannot reserve items at this time. Items, especially limited edition items sell out very quickly. Some items may have a pre-order, but we cannot guarantee everyone will be able to get one. I do suggest becoming a backer on patreon. You get access to new releases an hour early (or more if arrangements are made due to time zone). 

Why is shipping so expensive?

There might be a couple reasons for this. If you live outside the United States, shipping is sadly is very pricey. Even more so the heavier it is.
Now if you live in the US, it could be one of two reasons.
1: Due to the weight of the item. Sometimes it just costs more.
2: Shopify picked the best shipping method, even if it's not the cheapest.
If option 2 happens, a refund for any overages will be refunded within a week.

You made this design on TikTok / Youtube / Instagram but it’s not listed. Are you sold out?

Sometimes we do limited releases or monthly fandom boxes. Sometimes I made views ahead of time so people can get excited and know about the products before the releases. If you are interested in these type of products and we are out of stock, there is a low chance we won’t restock them. If the products are part of the normal line, we normally restock the start of each week depending on the type of product. If it is soap, it is restocked once a month.

Can you make custom soaps?

Yes, we can! Depending on the type of soap you want (basic vs piped), will determine the minimum order quantity. Please refer to the Custom Soap Loaf page.