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Ecto-Plasm - Ecto-Cooler Inspired Wax Melts

Ecto-Plasm - Ecto-Cooler Inspired Wax Melts

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While those iconic busters of ghosts were done in the 80's, Ecto-Coolers were a staple stood the stands of time. While it's been a hot minute since Ecto-Coolers were around. These citrus drinks were the best in the 90's. I was reminded of them recently and thought it would be perfect for this collection!

These melts fragrance feature strong Brazilian orange peel, freshly peeled Californian orange, lemon zest, Japanese grapefruit, and a hint of vanilla, all on a fizzie base.


Each of these bars are in between 1.5oz to 2.3oz and is made from a blend of soywax and paraffin wax.

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