One Hell of a Butler Roll-On Perfume

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Each glass roller bottle is packaged and labeled at 10ml/0.33oz and comes shrink wrapped!


One Hell of a Butler is a love chai tea. It is a blend of green tea leaves, red rooibos tea, sheer tangerine, silver needle tea, black pekoe tea, wisteria, haitian vetiver, creamy musk, crystal amber, vanilla soy milk, cinnamon bark, and nutmeg.


Please note: Since these are made in very small batches, colors can very from batch to batch. If it's super important to get the right colors, please contact me.


Ingredients: Clear Jojoba Oil, Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils.



1: Shake the bottle to mix it up. Because this is an oil based all natural perfume, it should be gently shaken before application.

2: Apply where you desire. I recommend these spots: Temples, neck, wrists, behind the ears, and chest.


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